Critical Race Theory Book PDF

Critical Race Theory

  • Author : Kimberlé Crenshaw
  • Publisher : The New Press
  • Release Date : 1995
  • Genre : Law
  • Pages : 494
  • ISBN : 9781565842717

Critical Race Theory Book Description :

Smoke and Mirrors is a passionate, richly nuanced work that shows television as a circus, a wishing well, and a cure for loneliness. Ranging from Ed Sullivan to cyberspace, from kid shows to cable, and from the cheap thrills of "action adventure" to the solemn boredom of PBS pledge week, Leonard argues for a whole new way of thinking about television. For Leonard, the situation comedy is a socializing agency, the talk show is a legitimating agency, the made-for-television movie is the last redoubt of social conscience, and television criticism itself is the last refuge of time-serving thugs and postmodernists. Instead of scapegoating television as the cause of crime in our streets, stupidity in our schools, and spectacle rather than substance in our government, Leonard sees something else inside the box: an echo chamber and a feedback loop, a medium neither wholly innocent of nor entirely responsible for the frantic disorder it brings into our homes.

Critical Race Theory Book PDF

Critical Race Theory

  • Author : Richard Delgado
  • Publisher : NYU Press
  • Release Date : 2012
  • Genre : LAW
  • Pages : 185
  • ISBN : 9780814721360

Critical Race Theory Book Description :

Critical Race Theory  Third Edition  Book PDF

Critical Race Theory Third Edition

  • Author : Richard Delgado
  • Publisher : NYU Press
  • Release Date : 2017-03-07
  • Genre : Law
  • Pages : 199
  • ISBN : 9781479846368

Critical Race Theory Third Edition Book Description :

"Since the publication of the first edition of [this book], the United States has lived through two economic downturns, an outbreak of terrorism, and the onset of an epidemic of hate directed against immigrants, especially undocumented Latinos and Middle Eastern people. On a more hopeful note, the country elected and re-elected its first black president and has witnessed the impressive advance of gay rights. As a field, critical race theory has taken note of all these developments, and this primer does so as well. It not only covers a range of emerging new topics and events, it also addresses the rise of a fierce wave of criticism from right-wing websites, think tanks, and foundations, some of which insist that America is now colorblind and has little use for racial analysis and study."--

Critical Race Theory in Education Book PDF

Critical Race Theory in Education

  • Author : Adrienne D. Dixson
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2014-05-22
  • Genre : Education
  • Pages : 224
  • ISBN : 9781317973034

Critical Race Theory in Education Book Description :

Although Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been used to analyze difficult issues of race and racism in education for over ten years, the function of CRT in educational research is still not entirely clear. By bringing together the voices of various CRT scholars and education experts, this volume presents a comprehensive chorus of answers to the question of how and why CRT should be applied to educational scholarship. The collected chapters address CRT’s foundations in legal theory, current applications of CRT, and possible new directions for CRT in education. Appropriate for both students curious about CRT and established CRT scholars, Critical Race Theory in Education is a valuable guide to how CRT can help us better understand and seek solutions to educational inequity.

Words That Wound Book PDF

Words That Wound

  • Author : Mari J Matsuda
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2018-03-08
  • Genre : Social Science
  • Pages : 160
  • ISBN : 9780429982576

Words That Wound Book Description :

In this book, the authors, all legal scholars from the tradition of critical race theory start from the experience of injury from racist hate speech and develop a theory of the first amendment that recognizes such injuries. In their critique of "first amendment orthodoxy", the authors argue that only a history of racism can explain why defamation, invasion of privacy and fraud are exempt from free-speech guarantees but racist verbal assault is not.

Crossroads  Directions and A New Critical Race Theory Book PDF

Crossroads Directions and A New Critical Race Theory

  • Author : Francisco Valdes
  • Publisher : Temple University Press
  • Release Date : 2002-08-12
  • Genre : Law
  • Pages : 414
  • ISBN : 1566399300

Crossroads Directions and A New Critical Race Theory Book Description :

Its opponents call it part of "the lunatic fringe," a justification for "black separateness," "the most embarrassing trend in American publishing." "It" is Critical Race Theory. But what is Critical Race Theory? How did it develop? Where does it stand now? Where should it go in the future? In this volume, thirty-one CRT scholars present their views on the ideas and methods of CRT, its role in academia and in the culture at large, and its past, present, and future. Critical race theorists assert that both the procedures and the substance of American law are structured to maintain white privilege. The neutrality and objectivity of the law are not just unattainable ideals; they are harmful actions that obscure the law's role in protecting white supremacy. This notion—so obvious to some, so unthinkable to others—has stimulated and divided legal thinking in this country and, increasingly, abroad. The essays in Crossroads, Directions, and a New Critical Race Theory—all original—address this notion in a variety of helpful and exciting ways. They use analysis, personal experience, historical narrative, and many other techniques to explain the importance of looking critically at how race permeates our national consciousness.

Foundations of Critical Race Theory in Education Book PDF

Foundations of Critical Race Theory in Education

  • Author : Edward Taylor
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2015-08-17
  • Genre : Critical pedagogy
  • Pages : 398
  • ISBN : 1138819441

Foundations of Critical Race Theory in Education Book Description :

The emergence of Critical Race Theory (CRT) marked a pivotal moment in the history of racial politics within the academy and powerfully influenced the broader conversation about race and racism in the United States and beyond. Compromised of articles by some of most prominent scholars in the field of CRT, this groundbreaking anthology is the first to pull together both the foundational writings and more recent scholarship on the cultural and racial politics of schooling. The collection offers a variety of critical perspectives on race, analyzing the causes, consequences and manifestations of race, racism, and inequity in schooling. Unique to this updated edition are a variety of contributions by key CRT scholars published within the last five years, including an all-new section dedicated to the intersections of race and dis/ability within contemporary schooling. Each section concludes with a set of questions and discussion points to further engage with the issues discussed in the readings. This revised edition of a landmark publication documents the progress to date of the CRT movement and acts to further spur developments in education policy, critical pedagogy, and social justice, making it a crucial resource for students and educators alike.

 Race  and Sport Book PDF

Race and Sport

  • Author : Kevin Hylton
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2008-08-01
  • Genre : Sports & Recreation
  • Pages : 160
  • ISBN : 9781134075997

Race and Sport Book Description :

Critical Race Theory provides a framework for exploring racism in society, taking into account the role of institutions and drawing on the experiences of those affected. Applied to the world of sport, this framework can reveal the underlying social mores and institutionalised prejudices that have helped perpetuate those racial stereotypes particular to sport, and those that permeate broader society. In this groundbreaking sociological investigation, Kevin Hylton takes on the controversial subject of racial attitudes in sport and beyond. With sport as his primary focus, Hylton unpacks the central concepts of ‘race’, ethnicity, social constructionism and racialisation, and helps the reader navigate the complicated issues and debates that surround the study of ‘race’ in sport. Containing rigorous and insightful analysis throughout, the book explores key topics such as: the origins, applications and terminology of Critical Race Theory the meaning of ‘whiteness’ the media, sport and racism anti-racism and sport genetics and scientific racism. The contested concepts that define the subject of ‘race’ in sport present a constant challenge for academics, policy makers and practitioners in the development of their ideas, policies and interventions. This innovative and challenging book is essential reading for anybody looking to fully understand this important subject.

Critical Race Theory in the Academy Book PDF

Critical Race Theory in the Academy

  • Author : Vernon Lee Farmer
  • Publisher : IAP
  • Release Date : 2020-09-01
  • Genre : Social Science
  • Pages : 613
  • ISBN : 9781648021336

Critical Race Theory in the Academy Book Description :

Critical Race Theory in the Academy explores the deep implications of race and its effects on the expanse of the American social fabric and its fragile democratic process. This volume contributes to a more effective, powerful, and insightful theorization of racism across the social spectrum while furthering the movement for greater equity in higher education and beyond. The audience for this book is broad and should be of great interest and value to all Americans who fight against racism which is focused on the destruction of Black people and other people of color. Ideally, educators, scholars, and practitioners will be compelled to engage the ideas within this volume to break down the color line and challenge the problematic master narrative in education and other aspects of society. Critical Race Theory in the Academy offers current applications, debates, theories, strategies, and evolutions about critical race theory (CRT), with particular attention to CRT’s intersections with the field of higher education and beyond. As a part of the CRT corpus, this volume details some of the most relevant and current topics deployed in varied disciplines of the academy, confronting the complex interplay of race, racism, education, and social justice in the twenty-first century. Specifically, the authors explore topics from health disparities, politics, religion, literature, music, social work, psychology, sports, distance learning, media bias, affirmative action, to education policies, practices and scholarship. The chapters in this volume should help navigate the tensions in the academy and beyond to work toward alleviating institutionalized racism. Praise for Critical Race Theory in the Academy: "The field of Critical Race Theory is enriched by this important collection of new and original scholarship. Vernon Farmer has brought together a dynamic and eclectic mix of radical voices, from multiple disciplinary backgrounds, including both established and early career scholars

Critical Race Theory Matters Book PDF

Critical Race Theory Matters

  • Author : Margaret Zamudio
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2011-02-11
  • Genre : Education
  • Pages : 192
  • ISBN : 9781136907692

Critical Race Theory Matters Book Description :

Over the past decade, Critical Race Theory (CRT) scholars in education have produced a significant body of work theorizing the impact of race and racism in education. "An Introduction to Critical Race Theory in Education" traces the history of CRT, ultimately providing a comprehensive and accessible overview of this influential movement. The authors detail and synthesize scholarship in the field, highlighting the assumptions and major themes in clear and accessible language. By linking theory to everyday practices in today's classroom, students will understand how CRT is being applied to a host of timely topics, such as tracking, high-stakes testing, and school financing. Concluding with an examination of strategies of resistance and practices for challenging the existing inequalities in education, this book proves to be a valuable resource for all students who are interested in understanding how CRT applies to everyday practices.

Critical Race Theory Book PDF

Critical Race Theory

  • Author : Khiara Bridges
  • Publisher : Foundation Press
  • Release Date : 2018-11-22
  • Genre : Uncategorized
  • Pages : 489
  • ISBN : 1683284437

Critical Race Theory Book Description :

This highly-readable primer on Critical Race Theory (CRT) examines the theory's basic commitments, strengths, and weaknesses. In addition to serving as a primary text for graduate and undergraduate Critical Race Theory seminars or courses on Race and the Law, it can also be assigned in courses on Antidiscrimination Law, Civil Rights, and Law and Society. The book can be used by any reader seeking to understand the relationship between constructions of race and the law. The text consists of four Parts. Part I provides a history of CRT. Part II introduces and explores several core concepts in the theory--including institutional/structural racism, implicit bias, microaggressions, racial privilege, the relationship between race and class, and intersectionality. Part III builds on Part II's discussion of intersectionality by exploring the intersection of race with a variety of other characteristics--including sexuality and gender identity, religion, and ability. Part IV analyzes several contemporary issues to which CRT speaks--including racial disparities in health, affirmative action, the criminal justice system, the welfare state, and education.

Handbook of Critical Race Theory in Education Book PDF

Handbook of Critical Race Theory in Education

  • Author : Marvin Lynn
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2013-09-02
  • Genre : Education
  • Pages : 384
  • ISBN : 9781136581403

Handbook of Critical Race Theory in Education Book Description :

This handbook illustrates how education scholars employ Critical Race Theory (CRT) as a framework to bring attention to issues of race and racism in education. It is the first authoritative reference work to provide a truly comprehensive description and analysis of the topic, from the defining conceptual principles of CRT in the Law that gave shape to its radical underpinnings to the political and social implications of the field today. It is divided into three sections, covering innovations in educational research, policy and practice in both schools and in higher education, and the increasing interdisciplinary nature of critical race research. With 28 newly commissioned pieces written by the most renowned scholars in the field, this handbook provides the definitive statement on the state of critical race theory in education and on its possibilities for the future.

Critical Race Theory in Mathematics Education Book PDF

Critical Race Theory in Mathematics Education

  • Author : Julius Davis
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2019-04-30
  • Genre : Education
  • Pages : 214
  • ISBN : 9781351356152

Critical Race Theory in Mathematics Education Book Description :

Critical Race Theory in Mathematics Education brings together scholarship that uses critical race theory (CRT) to provide a comprehensive understanding of race, racism, social justice, and experiential knowledge of African Americans’ mathematics education. CRT has gained traction within the educational research sphere, and this book extends and applies this framework to chronicle the paths of mathematics educators who advance and use CRT. This edited collection brings together scholarship that addresses the racial challenges thrusted upon Black learners and the gatekeeping nature of the discipline of mathematics. Across the ten chapters, scholars expand the uses of CRT in mathematics education and share insights with stakeholders regarding the racialized experiences of mathematics students and educators. Collectively, the volume explains how researchers, practitioners, and policymakers can use CRT to examine issues of race, racism, and other forms of oppression in mathematics education for Black children and adults.

Critical Race Theory  Black Athletic Sporting Experiences in the United States Book PDF

Critical Race Theory Black Athletic Sporting Experiences in the United States

  • Author : Billy J. Hawkins
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release Date : 2016-12-29
  • Genre : Education
  • Pages : 330
  • ISBN : 9781137600387

Critical Race Theory Black Athletic Sporting Experiences in the United States Book Description :

This book examines the role of race in athletic programs in the United States. Intercollegiate athletics remains a contested terrain where race and racism are critical issues often absent in the public discourse. Recently, the economic motives of intercollegiate athletic programs and academic indiscretions have unveiled behaviors that stand to tarnish the images of institutions of higher education and reinforce racial stereotypes about the intellectual inabilities of Black males. Through the lens of Critical Race Theory (CRT), this volume analyzes sport as the platform that reflects and reinforces ideas about race within American culture, as well as the platform where resistance is forged against dominant racial ideologies.

Spit Shined and Polished and Ready for College Book PDF

Spit Shined and Polished and Ready for College

  • Author : Jillian Havard
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2017
  • Genre : Uncategorized
  • Pages : 112
  • ISBN : 0355668181

Spit Shined and Polished and Ready for College Book Description :

College access programs work to prepare underserved students for college admission and enrollment. It is important to identify how the assumptions of college access program leaders affect their common practices and implementation of programs serving African American students, as well as to identify the tensions that exist among theory, research and practice in the college access field. This qualitative study explores the perspectives of college access program directors on the contexts of college access program. Using critical race theory as a theoretical framework, the impact of whiteness, perpetuated by the college access of ideology, is examined.

Critical Race Theory in Teacher Education Book PDF

Critical Race Theory in Teacher Education

  • Author : Keonghee Tao Han
  • Publisher : Teachers College Press
  • Release Date : 2019
  • Genre : Education
  • Pages : 179
  • ISBN : 9780807777756

Critical Race Theory in Teacher Education Book Description :

This volume promotes the widespread application of Critical Race Theory (CRT) to better prepare K–12 teachers to bring an informed asset-based approach to teaching today’s highly diverse populations. The text explores the tradition of CRT in teacher education and expands CRT into new contexts, including LatCrit, AsianCrit, TribalCrit, QueerCrit, and BlackCrit. “Critical Race Theory in Teacher Education has put forth a challenge that requires all of our attentions. Not only does this work have important implications for teaching and learning in schools, it provides an epistemological and moral call for us to do justice work with a global framework that captures, reclaims, and restores our humanity.” —From the Foreword by Tyrone C. Howard, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, The University of California, Los Angeles “Han and Laughter have assembled an amazing group of scholars and practitioners merging the fields of Critical Race Theory and teacher education This original work has taken us down some important pathways as we train educators to serve all communities and communities of color in particular This is a remarkable, compelling, and insightful book.” —Daniel Solorzano, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, The University of California, Los Angeles Contributors include Cynthia Brock, Rob Hattam, Lamar L. Johnson, Cheryl E. Matias, Gwendolyn Thompson McMillon, H. Richard Milner, IV, Andrew Peterson, Rebecca Rogers, Eric D. Teman

Theorizing Anti Racism Book PDF

Theorizing Anti Racism

  • Author : Abigail B. Bakan
  • Publisher : University of Toronto Press
  • Release Date : 2014
  • Genre : Political Science
  • Pages : 407
  • ISBN : 9781442626706

Theorizing Anti Racism Book Description :

Theorizing Anti-Racism presents insightful essays that engage both Marxist thought and postcolonial and critical race theory with a focus on clarification and points of convergence.

Critical Race Theory Book PDF

Critical Race Theory

  • Author : Dorothy A. Brown
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2014-05-21
  • Genre : Law
  • Pages : 337
  • ISBN : 0314287515

Critical Race Theory Book Description :

This law school casebook examines cases through the analytical framework of critical race theory. The third edition includes a new chapter on racial bias and the judiciary and a focus on fighting racism in the 21st century. There is a separate chapter on torts, contracts, criminal procedure, criminal law and sentencing, property, and civil procedure. It also examines cases where race is not always obvious, showing how race is often relevant even where it may initially appear not to be relevant. Lastly, the book provides cases where the courts have applied a critical race theory perspective.

Perpetual Suspects Book PDF

Perpetual Suspects

  • Author : Lisa J. Long
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release Date : 2018-09-07
  • Genre : Social Science
  • Pages : 231
  • ISBN : 9783319982403

Perpetual Suspects Book Description :

Grounded in Critical Race Theory (CRT), this book examines black and mixed-race men and women’s experiences of policing in the UK. Through an intersectional analysis of race, class and gender it analyses the construction of the suspect, illuminating the ways in which race and racism(s) shape police contact. This counter-story to the dominant narrative challenges the erasure of race through the contemporary ‘diversity’ agenda. Overall, this book proposes that making racism visible can disrupt power structures and make change possible. It makes a timely contribution to this significantly under-researched area and will be of interest to students, educators and scholars of Criminology, Social Sciences, Law and Humanities. It will also be of interest to criminal justice practitioners, communities and activists.

   Counting Black and White Beans    Book PDF

Counting Black and White Beans

  • Author : Anton Lewis
  • Publisher : Emerald Group Publishing
  • Release Date : 2020-10-26
  • Genre : Business & Economics
  • Pages : 228
  • ISBN : 9781789734058

Counting Black and White Beans Book Description :

Across the US and the UK, few senior accountants exist in proportion to their white peers. This problem is overwhelmingly disregarded due to an inherent assumption of racial neutrality within the field of accountancy. This book unpacks the working experience of black accountants to highlight the existence of institutionalized racism.