The Righteous Mind Book PDF

The Righteous Mind

  • Author : Jonathan Haidt
  • Publisher : Vintage
  • Release Date : 2012-03-13
  • Genre : Psychology
  • Pages : 384
  • ISBN : 9780307907035

The Righteous Mind Book Description :

New York Times Bestseller In this “landmark contribution to humanity’s understanding of itself” (The New York Times Book Review) social psychologist Jonathan Haidt challenges conventional thinking about morality, politics, and religion in a way that speaks to conservatives and liberals alike. Drawing on his twenty five years of groundbreaking research on moral psychology, Haidt shows how moral judgments arise not from reason but from gut feelings. He shows why liberals, conservatives, and libertarians have such different intuitions about right and wrong, and he shows why each side is actually right about many of its central concerns. In this subtle yet accessible book, Haidt gives you the key to understanding the miracle of human cooperation, as well as the curse of our eternal divisions and conflicts. If you’re ready to trade in anger for understanding, read The Righteous Mind.

Summary  Analysis   Review of Jonathan Haidts the Righteous Mind by Instaread Book PDF

Summary Analysis Review of Jonathan Haidts the Righteous Mind by Instaread

  • Author : Instaread
  • Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Release Date : 2017-01-02
  • Genre : Uncategorized
  • Pages : 34
  • ISBN : 1542326427

Summary Analysis Review of Jonathan Haidts the Righteous Mind by Instaread Book Description :

Summary, Analysis & Review of Jonathan Haidt's The Righteous Mind by Instaread Preview: Jonathan Haidt's The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided By Politics and Religion is an application of Haidt's research on moral psychology to the context of American politics. Haidt argues that morality is based on both intuition and reasoning, and that liberals and conservatives base their beliefs on different and often competing moral constructs. He suggests that conservatism in the United States relies more on appeal to moral intuitions than liberalism does, and that liberals should take conservative morality seriously by acknowledging the validity of the moral institutions that appeal to conservatives. There are three principles of moral psychology. The first is that moral intuitions precede moral reasoning. The second is that morality not only describes opinions about harm and fairness, but also includes communal and group taboos and commitments. Third, morality binds communities together, and the moral impetus to community can cause moral blind spots... PLEASE NOTE: This is a Summary, Analysis & Review of the book and NOT the original book. Inside this Summary, Analysis & Review of Jonathan Haidt's The Righteous Mind by Instaread: � Overview of the Book � Important People � Key Takeaways � Analysis of Key Takeaways About the Author With Instaread, you can get the key takeaways and analysis of a book in 15 minutes. We read every chapter, identify the key takeaways and analyze them for your convenience. Visit our website at

The Happiness Problem Book PDF

The Happiness Problem

  • Author : Wren-Lewis, Sam
  • Publisher : Policy Press
  • Release Date : 2019-11-28
  • Genre : Philosophy
  • Pages : 232
  • ISBN : 9781447353553

The Happiness Problem Book Description :

We appear to have more control over our lives than ever before. If we could get things right – the perfect job, relationship, family, body and mind – then we’d be happy. With enough economic growth and technological innovation, we could cure all societal ills. The Happiness Problem shows that this way of thinking is too simplistic and can even be harmful: no matter how much progress we make, we will still be vulnerable to disappointment, loss and suffering. The things we do to make us happy are merely the tip of the iceberg. Sam Wren-Lewis offers an alternative process that acknowledges insecurity and embraces uncertainty. Drawing on our psychological capacities for curiosity and compassion, he proposes that we can connect with, and gain a deeper understanding of, the personal and social challenges that define our time

Breaking the Two Party Doom Loop Book PDF

Breaking the Two Party Doom Loop

  • Author : Lee Drutman
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
  • Release Date : 2020
  • Genre : Political Science
  • Pages : 368
  • ISBN : 9780190913854

Breaking the Two Party Doom Loop Book Description :

"American democracy is in precarious health. Books on tyranny and fascism are now bestsellers. Parents wonder whether their children will still grow up in a democracy. Gallows political humor about the collapse of the republic creeps into ordinary conversation. No longer a shining model for the world, American democracy today strikes a more cautionary note. An anxious pessimism dominates. By every expert judgment, the United States is slipping. In late 2017, the Economist Intelligence Unit downgraded the United States from "full democracy" to "flawed democracy," giving it the same ranking as Italy. In January 2018, Freedom House downgraded its rating of American democracy to 86 (out of 100), just above Poland (85) and Greece (85), but behind Latvia (87) (and down from 94 in 2010). The August 2018 "Bright Line Watch" survey of 679 political scientists concluded: "Our expert respondents perceive a consistent, ongoing decline in the overall quality of American democracy from 2015." In the August/September 2018 "Authoritarian Warning Survey," 747 democracy experts collectively gave the United States a one in six chance of democratic breakdown in the next four years, and were nearly unanimous (97.1 percent) in their assessment American democracy had declined over the last decade. Let me repeat: a one in six chance of democratic breakdown. That's like rolling a six-sided die, and hoping it doesn't land on Hungary"--

The Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology and Religion Book PDF

The Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology and Religion

  • Author : James R. Liddle
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
  • Release Date : 2021-04-16
  • Genre : Psychology
  • Pages : 400
  • ISBN : 9780199397747

The Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology and Religion Book Description :

Résumé : This handbook is currently in development, with individual articles publishing online in advance of print publication. At this time, we cannot add information about unpublished articles in this handbook, however the table of contents will continue to grow as additional articles pass through the review process and are added to the site. Please note that the online publication date for this handbook is the date that the first article in the title was published online. For more information, please read the site FAQs.

A Battlefield of Values  America s Left  Right  and Endangered Center Book PDF

A Battlefield of Values America s Left Right and Endangered Center

  • Author : Stephen D. Burgard
  • Publisher : Praeger
  • Release Date : 2015-12-14
  • Genre : Political Science
  • Pages : 241
  • ISBN : 9781440831935

A Battlefield of Values America s Left Right and Endangered Center Book Description :

Differing moral views are dividing the country and polarizing the left and the right more than ever before. This book offers unique solutions to improve communication and understanding between the two factions to fix our fractured political system. • Provides a unique analysis that shows how our seemingly irreconcilable differences can be turned into assets for transforming the United States into a better country • Offers informed perspectives of American conflict from authors with more than 50 years of experience combined in their respective fields • Explores a future using religion, technology, and science to mend distrust and tune up our political system • Presents information and concepts appropriate for an academic lesson plan or for any civics-savvy reader

Summary Of The Righteous Mind Book PDF

Summary Of The Righteous Mind

  • Author : Alma Duncan
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2020-09-21
  • Genre : Uncategorized
  • Pages : 44
  • ISBN : 9798688882599

Summary Of The Righteous Mind Book Description :

In The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion, published in 2012, social psychologist Jonathan Haidt presents a new way to understand the often-contentious moral divides in politics and religion. Haidt looks at the topic in three separate parts. First, he works to give a clearer picture of how the mind works. Secondly, he presents a framework for understanding the different moral values that emerge between different cultures and political parties. Finally, he suggests some advantages to being part of a group as well as some noteworthy limitations. He ends with a call for civil debate that factors in different moral matrices and a better understanding of how moral minds work.Haidt's understanding of the mind runs counter to the typical rationalist beliefs of Western philosophy. He asserts that emotion and intuition carry far more weight in our judgments than reason does. He creates the metaphor of the moral mind, one that makes judgments instantly based on feelings and bodily sensations, as the elephant. The elephant is in control, though it is steered by the rider, which is the rational mind. The rider also has the job of acting as a press secretary, explaining the presidential verdicts of the elephant. Reason is not the slave of emotion in Haidt's view, but it is certainly secondary. It is difficult to change anyone's mind, including our own, unless we talk to the elephant...

Political Science Quarterly Book PDF

Political Science Quarterly

  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2017
  • Genre : Social sciences
  • Pages : 231
  • ISBN : OSU:32435086558822

Political Science Quarterly Book Description :

Vols. 4-38, 40-41 include Record of political events, Oct. 1, 1888-Dec. 31, 1925 (issued as a separately paged supplement to no. 3 of v. 31-38 and to no. 1 of v. 40)

Digital Talking Books Plus Book PDF

Digital Talking Books Plus

  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2013
  • Genre : Talking books
  • Pages : 231
  • ISBN : OSU:32435084838465

Digital Talking Books Plus Book Description :

Talking Book Topics Book PDF

Talking Book Topics

  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2013
  • Genre : Talking books
  • Pages : 231
  • ISBN : STANFORD:36105131844545

Talking Book Topics Book Description :

Social Theory and Practice Book PDF

Social Theory and Practice

  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2014
  • Genre : Electronic journals
  • Pages : 231
  • ISBN : OSU:32435085454270

Social Theory and Practice Book Description :

The Happiness Hypothesis Book PDF

The Happiness Hypothesis

  • Author : Jonathan Haidt
  • Publisher : Hachette UK
  • Release Date : 2006-12-26
  • Genre : Psychology
  • Pages : 320
  • ISBN : 9780465003686

The Happiness Hypothesis Book Description :

The bestselling author of The Righteous Mind and The Coddling of the American Mind draws on philosophical wisdom and scientific research to show how the meaningful life is closer than you think The Happiness Hypothesis is a book about ten Great Ideas. Each chapter is an attempt to savor one idea that has been discovered by several of the world's civilizations -- to question it in light of what we now know from scientific research, and to extract from it the lessons that still apply to our modern lives and illuminate the causes of human flourishing. Award-winning psychologist Jonathan Haidt, the author of The Righteous Mind and The Coddling of the American Mind, shows how a deeper understanding of the world's philosophical wisdom and its enduring maxims -- like "do unto others as you would have others do unto you," or "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" -- can enrich and even transform our lives.

Big Gods Book PDF

Big Gods

  • Author : Ara Norenzayan
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2013
  • Genre : Religion
  • Pages : 248
  • ISBN : 0691151210

Big Gods Book Description :

Looks at how the spread of organized religion helped civilization evolve from small groups of hunters and gatherers to large cooperative societies, and explores how such societies have risen in modern times without belief in gods.

The Spectator Book PDF

The Spectator

  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 1894
  • Genre : Uncategorized
  • Pages : 231
  • ISBN : STANFORD:36105007428498

The Spectator Book Description :

The Moral Arc Book PDF

The Moral Arc

  • Author : Michael Shermer
  • Publisher : Henry Holt and Company
  • Release Date : 2015-01-20
  • Genre : Science
  • Pages : 560
  • ISBN : 9780805096934

The Moral Arc Book Description :

Bestselling author Michael Shermer's exploration of science and morality that demonstrates how the scientific way of thinking has made people, and society as a whole, more moral From Galileo and Newton to Thomas Hobbes and Martin Luther King, Jr., thinkers throughout history have consciously employed scientific techniques to better understand the non-physical world. The Age of Reason and the Enlightenment led theorists to apply scientific reasoning to the non-scientific disciplines of politics, economics, and moral philosophy. Instead of relying on the woodcuts of dissected bodies in old medical texts, physicians opened bodies themselves to see what was there; instead of divining truth through the authority of an ancient holy book or philosophical treatise, people began to explore the book of nature for themselves through travel and exploration; instead of the supernatural belief in the divine right of kings, people employed a natural belief in the right of democracy. In The Moral Arc, Shermer will explain how abstract reasoning, rationality, empiricism, skepticism--scientific ways of thinking--have profoundly changed the way we perceive morality and, indeed, move us ever closer to a more just world.

Mapping Christian Rhetorics Book PDF

Mapping Christian Rhetorics

  • Author : Michael-John DePalma
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2014-10-10
  • Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Pages : 306
  • ISBN : 9781317670841

Mapping Christian Rhetorics Book Description :

The continued importance of Christian rhetorics in political, social, pedagogical, and civic affairs suggests that such rhetorics not only belong on the map of rhetorical studies, but are indeed essential to the geography of rhetorical studies in the twenty-first century. This collection argues that concerning ourselves with religious rhetorics in general and Christian rhetorics in particular tells us something about rhetoric itself—its boundaries, its characteristics, its functionings. In assembling original research on the intersections of rhetoric and Christianity from prominent and emerging scholars, Mapping Christian Rhetorics seeks to locate religion more centrally within the geography of rhetorical studies in the twenty-first century. It does so by acknowledging work on Christian rhetorics that has been overlooked or ignored; connecting domains of knowledge and research areas pertaining to Christian rhetorics that may remain disconnected or under connected; and charting new avenues of inquiry about Christian rhetorics that might invigorate theory-building, teaching, research, and civic engagement. In dividing the terrain of Christian rhetorics into four categories—theory, education, methodology, and civic engagement—Mapping Christian Rhetorics aims to foster connections among these areas of inquiry and spur future future collaboration between scholars of religious rhetoric in a range of research areas.

The Pinch Book PDF

The Pinch

  • Author : David Willetts
  • Publisher : Atlantic Books Ltd
  • Release Date : 2010-09-01
  • Genre : Political Science
  • Pages : 300
  • ISBN : 9780857891426

The Pinch Book Description :

The baby boom of 1945-65 produced the biggest, richest generation that Britain has ever known. Today, at the peak of their power and wealth, baby boomers now run our country; by virtue of their sheer demographic power, they have fashioned the world around them in a way that meets all of their housing, healthcare and financial needs. In this original and provocative book, David Willetts shows how the baby boomer generation has attained this position at the expense of their children.Social, cultural and economic provision has been made for the reigning section of society, whilst the needs of the next generation have taken a back seat. Willetts argues that if our political, economic and cultural leaders do not begin to discharge their obligations to the future, the young people of today will be taxed more, work longer hours for less money, have lower social mobility and live in a degraded environment in order to pay for their parents' quality of life. Baby boomers, worried about the kind of world they are passing on to their children, are beginning to take note. However, whilst the imbalance in the quality of life between the generations is becoming more obvious, what is less certain is whether the older generation will be willing to make the sacrifices necessary for a more equal distribution. The Pinch is a landmark account of intergenerational relations in Britain. It is essential reading for parents and policymakers alike.

The Objectification Spectrum Book PDF

The Objectification Spectrum

  • Author : John M. Rector
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Release Date : 2014-06-30
  • Genre : Psychology
  • Pages : 288
  • ISBN : 9780199355433

The Objectification Spectrum Book Description :

What lies at the heart of humanity's capacity for evil? Any tenable answer to this age-old question must include an explanation of our penchant for objectifying and dehumanizing our fellow human beings. The Objectification Spectrum: Understanding and Transcending Our Diminishment and Dehumanization of Others draws upon timeless wisdom to propose a new model of objectification. Rather than offering a narrow definition of the term, the author explores objectification as a spectrum of misapprehension running from its mildest form, casual indifference, to its most extreme manifestation, dehumanization. Using vivid examples to clearly demarcate three primary levels of objectification, the author engages in a thoughtful exploration of various dispositional and situational factors contributing to this uniquely human phenomenon. These include narcissism, the ego, death denial, toxic situations, and our perceived boundaries of self, among others. Rector then gives us reason to hope by orienting his model of objectification into a broader continuum of human capability--one that includes a countervailing enlightenment spectrum. Gleaning insights from classic philosophy, the world's five most prominent religious traditions, and current social science research, he examines the best antidotes humankind has devised thus far to move us from casual concern for our fellow human beings toward interconnectedness and, ultimately, unity consciousness. Broad in scope and deeply penetrating, The Objectification Spectrum advances the conversation about the nature of human evil into personally relevant, potentially transformative territory.

The Anti Education Era Book PDF

The Anti Education Era

  • Author : James Paul Gee
  • Publisher : St. Martin's Press
  • Release Date : 2013-01-08
  • Genre : Education
  • Pages : 256
  • ISBN : 9781137324115

The Anti Education Era Book Description :

One of the first champions of the positive effects of gaming reveals the dark side of today's digital and social media Today's schools are eager to use the latest technology in the classroom, but rather than improving learning, the new e-media can just as easily narrow students' horizons. Education innovator James Paul Gee first documented the educational benefits of gaming a decade ago in his classic What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy. Now, with digital and social media at the center of modern life, he issues an important warning that groundbreaking new technologies, far from revolutionizing schooling, can stymie the next generation's ability to resolve deep global challenges. The solution-and perhaps our children's future-lies in what Gee calls synchronized intelligence, a way of organizing people and their digital tools to solve problems, produce knowledge, and allow people to count and contribute. Gee explores important strategies and tools for today's parents, educators, and policy makers, including virtual worlds, artificial tutors, and ways to create collective intelligence where everyday people can solve hard problems. By harnessing the power of human creativity with interactional and technological sophistication we can finally overcome the limitations of today's failing educational system and solve problems in our high-risk global world. The Anti-Education Era is a powerful and important call to reshape digital learning, engage children in a meaningful educational experience, and bridge inequality.